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    CONTENTS №2, 2020

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    Shevchenko S.V., Mukhovaty A.A., Krol O.S.
    Gear transmission with conical axoids on parallel axies. load

    Kochetkova Ye.A., Starodubtsev Yu. N., Tsepelev V.S.
    Kinematic Viscosity of Melt Prepared from an amorphous Fe72.5Cu1Nb2Mo1.5Si14B9 ribbon. load

    Khlybov A.A., Anosov M.S., Ryabov D.A.
    Study of the features of damage accumulation in steel 12Cr18Ni10Ti at low temperatures using non-destructive testing methods. load

    Sheshukov О.Yu., Mikheenkov M.M., Vedmid L.B.
    Features of technogenic iron oxide recovery. load

    Sarafanov A.E., Erdakov I.N., Zhludov M.A.
    Design, operating principle of the unit and method for abrasive wear resistance test. load

    Egorova Yu.B., Mamonov I.M., Davydenko L.V.
    Comparison of the strength properties of heat-resistant titanium alloys at elevated temperatures. load

    Terentyev E.V., Zhgut D.A., Borodavkina K.T.
    Effect of electron-beam welding speed on weld metal mechanical properties of 5V titanium alloy. load

    Nasimov Jakhongir
    Information and logical modeling of a new methodology to assess the quality of the results of the process of destruction and drilling. load



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