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    CONTENTS №1, 2019

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    Burtsev V.T., Anuchkin S.N., Samokhin A.V.
    Interaction of exogenous nanoparticles Al2O3 and MgAl2O4 with copper, dissolved in iron melts. load

    Rasskazchikov N.G., Polyakova A.A.
    Researching of laser marking process and its optimization. load

    Atamashkin A.S., Priymak E.Yu., Kuzmina E.A.
    Evolution of the structure and mechanical properties of welded joints of medium-carbon steels, made by rotational friction welding, with heating. load

    Zhivulin D.E., Vinnik D.A., Zaitseva O.V.
    Analysis of the experimental production possibility of polysubstituted crystals with M-type hexaferrite structure. load

    Chernukha A.S., Vinnik D.A., Gudkova S.A.
    Structural and mechanical properties of strontium hexafer-rite powder. load

    Starikov A.Yu., Vinnik D.A., Gudkova S.A.
    Single crystal growth of aluminum substituted strontium hexaferrite SrFe12-xAlxO19. load

    Starikov A.Yu., Galimov D.M., Zhivulin V.E.
    Synthesis of strontium hexaferrite SrFe12O19. load

    Saninsky V.A., Korzin V.V., Petrukhin A.V.
    Automated method for modular selection of components for a multi-bearing unit of an internal combustion engine assembling. load

    Shcherbakov A.V., Rodyakina R.V., Gaponova D.A.
    Numerical modelling of heat transfer and material flow during wire-based electron beam additive manufacturing. load







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