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    CONTENTS №4, 2017

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    Knyazeva A.G., Korosteleva E.N., Kryuakova O.N., Pribitkov G.A., Chumakov Yu.A.
    Physical regularities of the synthesis of titanium based composite powders for additive manufacturing. load

    Anikeeva O.V.
    The analysis of the experience of modern national scientific schools in the field of a metal cutting machines precision. load

    Ryabov G.A., Folomeev O.M., Dolgushin I.A.
    Investigation of circulation and separation of solids binary mixture in the units with chemical-lopping combustion and gasification of solid fuels. load

    Kravchuk A.S., Tarasyuk I.A.
    Deflection of pre-tensioned flexible heavy rope, fixed in two arbitrary points. load

    Baitimerov R.M., Radionova L.V., Safonov E.V.
    Influence of selective laser melting process parameters on porosity of TiAl6V4 alloy. load

    Radionova L.V., Faizov S.R., Lisovskiy R.A., Lisovskaya T.A., Zhludov M.A., Makarov A.V.
    Laboratory rolling mill DUO-130. load

    Nikolaev A.A., Khramshin T.R., Afanasyev M.Y.
    Study of resonant phenomens in medium voltage distribution networks of industrial power supply systems. load

    Tarasova T.V., Belashova I.S., Kuzmin S.D., Kuzmina E.I.
    Mathematical modeling of thermal processes and optimi-zation of laser surface treatment modes. load







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