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    CONTENTS №4, 2018

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    Artem'ev A.A., Zorin I.V., Sokolov G.N.
    Investigation of the processes of high-temperature wear of welded alloys. load

    Dashevskii V.Ya., Aleksandrov A.A., Leont`ev L.I.
    Deoxidation of Ni-Cr alloys with aluminum and titanium. load

    Illarionov I.E., Gilmanshina T.R., Kovaleva A.A.
    Perspective methods of graphite quality improving. load

    Mikhailov G.G., Morozova A.G., Bamburov V.G.
    Investigation of physical and chemical processes of for-mation of composite materials with specified structural phase characteristics. load

    Zhuchkov V.I., Salina V.A., Sychev A.V.
    Study of the process of metal-thermal reduction of boron from the slag of the system CaO-SiO2-MgO-Al2O3-B2O3. load

    Davydov Yu.S., Korobov Yu.S., Davydov A.Yu.
    Investigation of the electrode extension on the welding-technological characteristics of pulsed arc welding with cored wire. load

    Afanasyev V.K., Popova M.V., Zhibinova I.A.
    Improving strength of structural steels by preheating in an oxygen-containing medium. load

    Antimonov A.M., Pushkareva N.B.
    Surface pressure treatment of titanium alloy bars by trans-verse rolling. load

    Alekseev V.I., Barakhtin B.K., Panova G.A.
    The specials mechanical energy dissipation on hot plasticity deform two phase titanium alloy. load







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