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    CONTENTS №1, 2023

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    Nikonorov A.I.
    Estimation of the unacceptable productivity risk in the machine selection problem. load

    Vartanov M.V., Van Linh Nguyen
    Determination of the friction coefficient using a force torque sensor during the robotic assembly of a non-rigid shaft with a rigid sleeve. load

    Savilov A.V., Timofeev S.A., Matlygin G.V., Ushakov V.A.
    Study of machinability of high speed steel. load

    Rudenko N.V., Vasiliev A.E.
    Use of wave energy for autonomous power supply of objects of the Far East. load

    Voronkov A.D.
    Development of a software package for modeling algorithms for grasping objects of a priori unknown shape. load

    Shulgin A.N., Chuprina O.A., Shakhova O.A., Pykhov V.V.
    Selection of approximating dependences for determination of machining conditions correlation degree. load

    Naizabekov A.B., Lezhnev S.N., Volokitina I.E., Panin E.A., Volokitin A.V.
    Computer simulation of the preliminary heat treatment process of copper and brass alloys. load

    Sosnovsky N.G., Nguyen Van Hoa
    Fan speed control via hydraulic drive with volumetric regulation in a hovercraft. load

    Nokhrina O.I., Rozhikhina I.D., Golodova M.A.
    Production of high-quality concentrates by method of hydrometallurgical concentration of manganese ores. load

    Mukhametyanova R.I.
    Improving the quality management system of a manufacturing enterprise based on the use of corporate knowledge. load

    Pupin V.M., Zakutnov V.A., Fedorov O.V.
    Studies of the static stability margin of ETS with its own generation as part of a complex of treatment facilities. load

    Radionova L.V., Lisovsky R.A., Faizov S.R., Lisovskaya T.A., Zaramenskikh S.E.,Glebov L.A., Gromov D.V., Gasiyarova O.A., Bykov V.A., Korotovkikh V.S.
    Educational and research rolling mill DUO-130. load



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