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    CONTENTS №4, 2023

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    Vladimirov A.P.
    Dynamic speckle diagnostics of deformations, damages and operational life of machine details. load

    Bayanov B.
    The quantization method of biometric data of handwriting in the fuzzy extractors. load

    Vyalkova S., Nadtoka I., Kornyukova O.
    Application of neural networks to predict power consumption of a megapolis. load

    Papkov A., Luchko D.
    Results of comparative resource tests of insulation systems of heat resistance class H (180 °C) of traction engines of electric locomotives using polyestherketone and polyimide films. load

    Kurganov S.A., Sholokhov D.A.
    Parametric identification of a multi stage two-port RLC network based on a two-frequency experiment. load

    Mezentsev M.A., Myktybekov B., Sinitsyn A.V., Ezhov A.Y., Afanssiev D.V., Palchikov D.S.
    Modeling and automation of the technological process of manufacturing products from layered composite materials applied to power plants. load

    Pripotnev M., Sekou Diane, Akulovskiy D.
    Models and algorithms for controlling a group of mobile robots in the problem of harvesting. load

    Ermolov Y.M., Vasilchenko A.A., Klimova L.V., Piskunova Yu.R.
    Structure and energetics of mineral-water interfaces: application to clay-based building materials. load

    Sattarov R.R., Ziganshin T.R.
    The generalized model of a magnetoelectric generator with a conductive stator shell. load

    Pisarev D.S., Maksimov I.A., Rogalev A.N.
    Development of structural and layout diagrams for thermal power plants with carbon dioxide working fluid. load

    Radionova L.V., Gromov D.V., Lisovsky R.A., Faizov S.R., Khlamkova S.S., Glebov L.A.
    The influence of technological parameters on the strain rate during wire extrusion. load



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