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    CONTENTS №1, 2024

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    Sycheva D.G., Kosheleva N.E.
    Accumulation of metals and metalloids in soils and their PM10 fraction in Ulan-Ude. load

    Zhaxylykov N.B., Kosheleva N.E.
    Content and spatial distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils of Ulan-Ude. load

    Sugak E.V.
    Regulatory support of technosphere safety.

    Chukalin A.V., Sherkunov V.V., Petrov A.V.
    Application of machine learning methods to the problem of finding optimal technical solutions. load

    Grinenko D.R., Grigorieva A.V.
    Alone in forest. Search and rescue team leaders trainer using virtual reality. load

    Kovalnogov V.N., Chukalin A.V., Demidov D.A., Karpuhina T.V., Busygin S.V.
    Digital twin of the atmospheric boundary layer in the wind farm area as an object of processing meteorological control technologies. load

    Dorogov A.Yu.
    Committee of competent re-entry classifiers. load

    Belyaeva K.I., Bolshakova M.S.
    Recommendations for improving VR content for education. load

    Kuznetsov S.V., Rogovik A.A., Murugov U.S.
    Selection of the optimal grouping of «Shaft» type parts to increase seriality in production planning. load

    Ryabova A.V., Kurdashov V.M., Smoliy V.A., Orlovsky P.O., Starovoitov A.I.
    Study of the influence of the type of porogen on the physical and mechanical properties of porous geopolymers. load

    Lapshin V.L., Zenkov E.V.
    A mechanorheological model for describing the mechanics of interaction between deformable elastoplastic bodies and the dynamics of work processes.

    Govorkov A.S., Podrez N.V.
    Basic principles of building a design system diagram in aerial industry. load



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